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Casa de Celeste Vida
‘Home of Heavenly Life’


This Eco Friendly Canoe Tour begins at the gate of Celeste Vida where your guide picks you up in a mototaxi.  Up the beach road you travel until you turn off to enter into the saltflats and the Ria.  Along the way you will see the vast area where seasalt is collected and exported around the world. Then you relax for a 90 minute canoe tour (push poled by your guide) into the heart of the mangroves to witness a multitude of vegetation and birdlife.  As you travel your guide will call many birds into view.  The Pilares canoe tour  finishes on the riverbank where more varieties of birds feed and nest throughout the day.   Here in the early morning it may be possible to view flamingos awakening from their sleep and flying back to the river where they feed throughout the day.   The Pilares tour never goes over the same path twice and the knowledgable guide provides detailed information about the reserve, its vegetation and the birds you will observe.  This well designed eco-friendly tour is a memorable experience.


  1. Bullet    $27. US or equivalent in pesos per person

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