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Casa de Celeste Vida
‘Home of Heavenly Life’


The Yucatan Peninsula is a porous limestone shelf that boasts an abundance of natural caves .  The Yucatan has no above ground rivers or lakes.  It does have underground rivers, lakes, sinkholes and caves that snake through the limestone not only as a source of water for the state, but also providing many exploring adventures.  The caves of the Yucatan were sacred places for the Maya and are quite impressionable.  Lol-Tun caves are the largest in the Peninsula. The tour takes you through more than one kilometre of paths and pre-historic paintings can be seen.  At the end of the route is a majestic open dome.  Calchetok caves are also very large and boast a rather complicated series of tunnels. The local guides at these cave locations can maneuver you through the twisting caverns while informing you of their storied past.  Within these caves are a great number of prehispanic findings such as hammers, arrow tips and human burial sites


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